Vacationing For Less Through The Blockchain With Travelblock

Travel Block

Vacationing through The Block Chain With Travel Block

By Pablo Bonanno

Everybody looks forward to a break, a chance to get away from everyday life and do and see new things.
Whether it be an adventure holiday, relaxing by the beach, a city break or even some exotic island far away. As the travel industry has evolved it is now more accessible to travel anywhere with budget airlines and online travel agencies, but now with blockchain technology the travel industry is going to change massively.
Where before people would be walking in to their local Travel agent greeted by a long table full of smartly dressed women in their uniform all eager to serve you and a wall of brochures all filled with stunning photos and perfect family’s playing ball on the beach. Then in 1992 the High street Travel agents had a new competitor when Wayne Perks founded Teletext holidays, where you could sit in the comfort of your own home looking at cheap holiday deals to mainly Spain and Greece on your TV. This proved very popular, as with cutting out the agent you could get a holiday abroad for as little as £99.

Travel block cheap holidays

A couple of years after that in 1994 the High street Travel agents had a bigger threat to deal with, the first online travel agent But at this time most people were still using travel agents or Teletext, however this then paved the way for more online competition with Lonely planet launching in 1995. Then Microsoft seeing the potential of online travel and launching Expedia followed by in 1998. By the year 2000 the travel industry was booming, with online agents offering cheaper holidays. This was short lived after the tragic events on September the 11th 2001 an event that hit the travel industry hard. It slowly started to pick up with budget airlines and more and more online agents competing with each other, the travel industry has gone from strength to strength with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport seeing close to 104 million passengers pass through in 2017.

The Game Changer

On the 28th of July 2018 a new threat to the Travel Industry was launched called TravelBlock, this will possibly have the biggest impact on the travel industry ever! Using blockchain technology Travel Block will be able to give its users up to a massive 60% discount. All of the current online travel agents use GDS (Global Distribution System) this is a computerized network system that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, eliminating the traditional Global Distribution system there will be significant advantages over utilizing existing frameworks and applications. It’s low cost, secure, immutable, irreversible and transparent for the public. Also by being a private consumer platform they can offer the wholesale price to customers ensuring the best possible rates. They assure you that wherever your travels lead you to, you’ll always get what you want, where you want, when you want it.

As well as being the cheapest they cover a vast area as well.

  • 350,000 hotels

Pick from a wide array of an ever-growing list of hotels in popular destinations (Over 14 million hotel rooms)

  • All major Cruise Lines

Glide through the waters of the five oceans, river and luxury cruises.

  • Access to 9,300 Private Resorts

Giving you access to the world’s most luxury cruises.

  • World Wide Tour Operators

The six continents are open for the adventure of a life time, Go anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) have dominated the market for over 20 years giving consumers headaches for years by attaching hidden fees, giving you a false sense of savings where there really is none due to the OTA agreements that are in place to make sure these companies can never compete against each other.  Also with the use of predictive analytics to boost rates on your vacation based on how many times you search for a specific flight or click on a link. TravelBlock will fix these problems to make sure the consumer will save time and money on your next trip.

  • No Hidden Fees

TravelBlock will not have the user pay any hidden fees such as processing and cancellation.

  • Private Consumer Group

Our TRVL token allows us to become a Closed Consumer Group so we can negotiate far better rates than any OTA on the market by 30% – 60%

  • No price gouging

Shady algorithms that track your clicks and searches so OTAs can raise the price on you based on your interest will not happen at TravelBlock.


Team And Token Sale

The TravelBlock team have 50 year of experience between them.

Travel Block Douglas Saunders

Co-Founder Douglas Saunders who is the main overseer has been in Executive positions for multiple Hotel brands across North and Central America.

Travel Block Jeff Bredy

Co-Founder and COO Jeff Bredy has been managing sales teams and working directly with Hotels.

.Travel Block Steve Knight

VP/ Director of Business Development has founded a $13 m furniture and retail business and also spent 18 years in Travel Executive positions. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in economics.

Token Sale

TravelBlock had a successful Token sale reaching their soft cap in the early stages and going on to launch the TravelBlock platform



Travel Block will disrupt the travel industry in a big way, the fact they can offer such amazing discounts that online platforms can’t match. Check out this massive saving I found today, The Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie in Rome Italy from the 23rd August to the 30th August Expedia are quoting £17,788 for the same days are quoting €20,020 where with Travel Block you can save a whopping $18,716 with a total price of only $4,801.

Travel block best prices

So with savings like this Travel Block will soon be one of the leading platforms for all of your travel needs. They cover all areas from hotel’s to car hire, flights, and Luxury yachts even private resorts. Travel Block will soon be a household name.

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