Securing the future of ICO’s with Desico, Review

Securing the future of ICO’s

By Reece Asik


2017 was the big bang of the ICO (Initial coin offering) world, It was the year in which ICO’s really took off however the journey wasn’t as comfortable and easy as many would have liked it to be. Many projects were built in the promise of making the world a better place, others allowed many investors to believe that they could get filthy rich for even just a small contribution and in the mix of all of that there was legitimate projects in the making. Those legitimate projects who actually wanted to do everything they promised where met by massive walls of FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) due to the massive rates of scams being pulled around that time, which made investors show a lot more fear when investing into ICO’s. This in term brought many to believe that ICO’s were all just a scam thus leaving investors worried and leading to them withdrawing their funds back into fiat. A lot of the honest projects never got to experience the light ahead and were pushed into darkness and left to abandon what they had created due to lack of investors.desico token sale review

2018 is a new year and what is hoping to be a much better year. Let’s not forget the importance of having ICO’s. They are the newest form of capital raise in which allows small business owners to receive the financial backing they need so that they can succeed with their future plans. What needs to come of this year are better methods that protect investors against fraud and dodgy ICO’s so that the market capitilisation can once again grow beyond the end of last years all time highs. This is where DESICO comes into action.

What is Desico?

DESICO is the world’s first fully legal decentralized platform for security ICOs. They have set out to be a fully legally compliant way to issue and trade security tokens. ICO’s wishing to be listed on the exchange will have to personally take a trip down to Lithuania where the DESICO team are based and show their business models to them for approval. This will certainly keep those dodgy ICO’s away, that’s probably to much effort for them anyways.

With most ICO’s not being listed on an exchange straight after the end of their sale, they immediately lose value. DESICO will not allow that to be the case. Their built-in exchange will allow tokens to be tradable immediately after the end of any ICO on there platform. One of the best things is that users will be able to manage both crypto and fiat holdings in which they will be able to exchange within the DESICO exchange. It doesn’t stop there, The DESICO team are offering special privileges to DESICO token holders such as; instant access to news updates, whale-like bonuses and best of all a 0% trading fee charge.

desico ico

This team have set out to achieve what nobody before them has yet achieved. They are full of energy and are determined to complete what they have set out to do. Let’s not forget their $100,000 USD prize they won for placing an amazing 3rd out of 160 competitors in the 2018 ICO race in the southern Swiss city of Lugano. This achievement has led them to be recognized by experts as one of the world’s most promising ICO-funded startups. Check out the article here. This is what DESICO CEO Laimonas Noreika had to say. “This achievement underlines that security tokens are the next big mega-trend in crypto, and the industry needs legally compliant security tokens.”


I am certainly impressed by this project, I think it is a great idea and a project like this is long overdue for the Crypto industry. I think a blockchain solution like Desico will make a massive effect with the security of ICOs, weeding out the scammers and making the Crypto industry a safer place. Check out the Desico website and links below.

Follow their twitter for the latest updates: Desico on Twitter

Pop into their telegram chat where you will you will receive a very warming welcome. Admins are very active and the community very friendly. Any questions you have will be answered: Join the Desico telegram group

Visit their website for all information, Roadmap and Whitepaper:

Visit their youtube channel for an excellent introduction of their project and many more videos including weekly updates on their progress.

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