Digitex partners with Howdoo, some great new in this bear market.

Digitex partners with Howdoo.

by Pablo Banano

Some great news came out today regarding two of the strongest companies that are keeping their heads above water in this bear market. Digitex have announced they are partnering up with another crypto heavyweight newbie Howdoo. Both of these have held out in one of the worst periods in crypto this year. So with that in mind just think what a strong partnership they will have when the bear market is over. Both Digitex and Howdoo have strong concept and also they both have a determined focused team behind them which is the key to their success so far. So to have two strong companies that both have a vision to bring a change for the better, to their niche markets this will be a partnership to be reckoned with. Digitex have created a trading platform for a smoother trading experience where as Howdoo have created a Social media platform that you can trust, that doesn’t sell your data and you can also earn from the content you post.

Digitex Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures Exchange is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on a lot of different cryptocurrencies, financial instruments and also commodities. Traders will win and lose DGTX tokens. To be able to use the platform traders must have a balance of DGTX to be able to place trades. This in turn will create a demand for DGTX. This demand will help to offset any inflationary effects that may occur by only minting a small amount of tokens. There will be no transaction fees on any trades made. This will be made possible because Digitex will mint a small amount of DGTX tokens each year. This Zero-fee trading will attract highly active, ultra-short term traders this will help to create highly liquid markets using strategies not that are not viable on fee charging exchanges. This will help to level the playing field between bots and traders


Howdoo, a blockchain-powered social media platform. Imagine a single application that combines all of the best features of existing social media apps, but with a radical new approach to putting users, communities, content creators, and advertisers together in complete harmony and control – alongside a whole new way of incentivizing and rewarding contributions.

One of the best partnerships since Batman & Robin.

I truly think this partnership is very exciting news and that this will make two already very strong companies even stronger. I believe that they will both excel in their fields in a time when ICO’s are coming out of the woodwork all over the place and for all manner of services. This creates a confusing time for investors, people not being sure on what to invest in. So with these two great platforms I don’t think you can go wrong with this partnership.

Please remember that this is not investment advice just purely my opinion!

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