Claim your Stake in next gen of Crypto

I have written about security token previously and how they will bring a much needed stability to the cryptocurrency markets; reducing the chances of scams and fraud as well as providing a stake in the projects/companies you invest in.

Utility tokens will continue to have their place, but security tokens will enable the investor to have a say and own a piece of the action and faced with both options, security tokens are bound to become more popular for new and existing investors.

On 7th November, the first platform to concentrate purely on security token investing, creation and trading will start to their own STO, giving us a chance to get in at ground level.

DESICO will bring a new level of confidence to the market by ensuring all projects that make it onto their platform are managed by companies that meet certain criteria. Considering that DESICO are also regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and Central European Bank, the project combines the next generation of crypto investing with the confidence and trust of institutional regulatory.

Going forward, not only can you invest and trade in security tokens but, DESICO are also offering a 12.5% passive income from all revenue to holders of their token (DESI).

They have a working demo available which showcases their complete ecosystem.

If you are amoung the first 1,000 you will enjoy a 15% discount.

You can read the white paper at

For more information go to and make sure you register for the sale.